mesohyal BIOTIN Hair Growth Treatment

mesohyal BIOTIN Hair Growth Treatment has successfully entered the IMCAS Paris 2017. This leading edge technique consists in injecting active ingredients into the dermis to effectively stimulate and treat the fragility, weakness and general alopecia that is typical of the condition.


Hyaluronic acid

Nourishes and moisturizes the treatment area, enhancing skin elasticity and reducing fine and superficial wrinkles.

Biotin, other B vitamins and mineral salts
Compensates for nutritional deficiencies of the scalp responsible for weak, brittle hair and premature hair loss.

Suggested to use together with "tricology hair growth intensive lotion" to achieve best result


tricology hair growth intensive lotion is composed of combination of active substances that work to comprehensively fight against the various factors that are present in androgenetic alopecia. These substances stimulate the hair follicles, hydrate the hair, regenerate the scalp and favour the blood supply, thereby facilitating the arrival of nutrients.

active ingredients:
oleanolic acid
camellia sinensis leaf extract


enhance blood flow, promote the arrival of nutrients to hair follicles
reduce breakages and premature loss of hair
accelerate hair growth rate

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