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Morpheus 8 by INMODE

Fat Remodelling Device

Morpheus 8 Hori

Morpheus 8 is a resurfacing and sub-dermal adipose remodeling device (SARD). Morpheus 8 is the first and only programmable, full-body, fractional technology to morph the aging face and contour the body. The triple action of sub-necrotic bulk heating, coagulation of fat and connective tissue, and ablation results in improvement in skin surface irregularities, skin tone, laxity, as well as treating fine lines, wrinkles and indented scars.

Benefits of Morpheus 8 Fat Remodelling Device

  1. Safely treats skin type VI with little risk of PIH: Polymer coated micropins assure virtually no thermal damage to epidermis

  2. Less pain: Advanced lattice design of return electrodes creates a uniform effect

  3. More effective firming effect: 3D Smart Frame and Burst technology is the first and only FDA cleared handpiece to provide deep 8mm subdermal adipose tissue remodeling; can be programmed to quickly treat large tissue areas at the deepest levels of RF available.

  4. Performs deep and safe fractional treatment with programmable penetration from 1-7mm, depending on the configuration (2-3 layers for one area with one tip)

    • 12 pin:1mm、2mm、3mm、4mm(forehead, periorbital area 2mm)

    • 24 pin:1mm、2mm、3mm、4mm(face 2-3mm, areas with thicker fat can use up to 4mm)

    • 40 pin:2mm、3mm、4mm、5mm、6mm、7mm(abdomen 2-5mm, other areas with thicker fat or surgical use up to 6-7mm)

  5. Convenient & efficient: 3 modes to fit different needs

Morpheus 8 suitable for:

  • Smooths and tightens fine lines and wrinkles

  • Treats depressed scars (acne)

  • Improves active acne

  • Smooths skin irregularities

  • Improves skin tone

  • Lifts and contours face, neck and body areas

Morpheus 8《Q&A》

1)Precautions for recovery after treatment?

  1. Within 1-3 days after the treatment, use a medical repair mask or use repair products in the mornings and evenings; keep the skin hydrated within one week after the treatment to avoid skin dehydration. Hydrating spray that can be used on wounds can be applied when needed.

  2. Avoid contact with water within 1-3 days after the treatment, saline can be use to softly clean the treated area.

  3. Use physical sunscreen


2)How long is the recovery period? How long after treatment can we put make up on?

  1. Redness and swelling usually subside in 1-3 days, in some cases recovery can be slower in 3-7 days.

  2. Depending on the recovery status on different individuals, it is generally recommended to apply makeup after 1 week


3)How long is the suggested interval between treatments?

One treatment every 1-3 months; 3 treatments as a course


4)When can the effect be seen?

Microneedle RF targeting wrinkles, fine lines or skin texture usually in 2-4 weeks. High energy RF firming effects usually in 1-3 months.

*The effect of treatment depends on the individual's physical condition and varies from person to person

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