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Aqua Peel

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Aqua Peel - the hydraulic deep cleaning treatment removes the cuticle, blackheads,  comedo and cosmetics residuals, etc, restoring the skin to its original smoothest state without damaging the skin。
Suitable for: All skin types, especially for acne, blackheads, large pores, dull skin and those who regularly wear make up

【Choose 1 in 3 - Treatment Combo】
1. Aqua Peel + Cooling treatment + Collagen Firming Mask (60min) - Suitable for skin after laser treatment or sensitive skin. It helps to reduce redness, improve skin moisture retention, and pores tightening
2. Aqua Peel + Serum & Oxygen infusion + Collagen Firming Mask (60min) - Can choose from Vitamin C/Sensitive Serum/Anti Couperose/Acne Serum/Hydrating Serum/Enzyme Peel Ampoules/Whitening Serum/Beauty Lifting Ampoules/Phyto Stem Cell Serum
3. Aqua Peel + Quadrupole RF for face + Collagen Firming Mask (60min) - Remodeling of the basal layer of the skin, strengthen collagen fibres and collagen to achieve firming effect

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