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🌈Rainbow Cool Light Customised Treatment

Dcool 彩虹冰光機 3.jpg

Using the Korean D-Cool machine, temporarily open channels on the skin for introducing two prestigious serum into the skin with the hot and cold handpiece, and fill the skin with moisture and nutrition.  In addition to the  "🌈Rainbow Seven-Color Light", a personalised spectrum is used to improve skin texture, and a unique "Calcium Mode" makes the skin fully bloom and shine

Choose any 2 types of premium serum:
Antiaging flash for elasticity, high concentration hyaluronic acid, pollution defense antioxidant, whitening vitamin C, anti-aging apple stem cells, sensitive skin soothing centella asiatica, etc

mesoestetic serum
serum rainbow

🌈Personalised 7-colour lights:
Blue 💙 suitable for acne, oily skin, anti-inflammatory
Red ❤️ stimulates collagen production, enhance skin elasticity
Yellow 💛 Lightens pigments, evens out skin tone

rainbow light christie.jpg

Advanced Cooling Function & Electroporation for Penetration

D˚Cool Advanced Cooling Function between -15˚C to 0˚C for improving inflammation, calming, relaxing and tightening; Advanced Heating function between 0˚C to 40˚C massage the skin while stimulating collagen regeneration, to restore firm and tight skin and enables the pore to open smoothly. Combined with the electroporation penetration technique, a large number of micropores are quickly created in the skin and cell wall through the pulse current, allowing various nutritional supplements to penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin, which is excellent in repairing and rejuvenating.

Heating function opens pores smoothly, and cooling function helps to relax the skin and lower the temperature of the skin, as well as tighten the pores after treatment. In addition, the penetration of the cell wall allows nutrients to penetrate into the skin.

For sensitive and acne-prone skin, cooling function can be used to cool the inflamed skin, and then anti-allergic or anti-acne products are introduced through the electroporation technology to return the skin to a healthy condition and regain vitality. In addition, the skin is relatively fragile or even in an unstable state after laser and microneedle treatment. The use of strong cooling function in combined with electroporation technology can ease the troubled skin. For sagging cheeks, it is recommended to use thermal massage to firm the contour of the face.

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