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Miami Peel®  Fruit Acid

Exfoliation, Brightening and Rejuvenation

The Miami Peel® is a proven and patented light to medium peel formula that effectively exfoliates bleaches and inhibits pigment production. This formula is for those who want an even skin tone and to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark spots), melasma, sun damage and pigment discoloration of any kind. It is also recommended for individuals with adult acne and will simultaneously aid in improving the appearance of hyper pigmentation or dark spots associated with acne lesions.

• Quintessence® patented formula

• Salicylic acid effectively removes dead skin cells, blackheads and acne

• Effectively whitens and suppresses pigmentation

• Suitable for treating acne, post-inflammatory pigmentation, skin problems of acne skin


Effective for:

• Reduce acne

• Reduce acne and acne marks

• Smoothen skin and even skin tone

• Smoothen fine lines and reduce wrinkles

• Improve marks and pigmentation problems

• Improve pore clogging



Salicylic acid, hydroquinone, lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid

Please watch the introduction of Miami Peel by Dr. Martin Zaiac M.D. Dermatologist Miami South Beach and Clinical Esthetician Beth Miller L.M.E.. 

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