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​Korean LFL PCL Barbed Thread Lifting



LFL (LEAD FINE LIFT) is a premium lifting thread made of absorbable material PCL inducing collagen formation to lift up the sagging skin and improve the skin elasticity.LFL is made in Korea and are certified by internationally and domestically authorised organisations, such as KFDA, CE, ISO 13485, etc


Korean PCL Barbed (fishbone) thread treatment is designed for improve sagging skin, stimulate collagen proliferation, reshape V-face. Suitable for saggy cheek, jowls, mouth corner lifting (smile lift), tightening double chin and improving nasolabial folds (smile lines). The effect can stay up to 12-18 months or more.


PCL Barbed thread is made with biodegradable PCL polycaprolactone. The effect of PCL threads stay longer than PDO threads, with relatively good stretch strength and flexibility. 

PCL (polycaprolactone) is a biodegradable synthetic polymer. It is approved material by the FDA and has longer duration in the skin than PLLA or PDO. Another advantage of PCL is much higher tensile strength and more flexible than PDO or PLLA, so there is less risk of breakage and almost no foreign body feeling after procedure. 

PDO (polydiaxanone) is a biodegradable synthetic polymer and the most representative material used for a surgical suture.

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Two innovative products of LFL - PCL Barbed Thread Lifting



Innovative evolution of the Barb series is made by press sculpting method. The most effecting lifting thread with bi-directional cogs.

  • Suitable for:Severe sagging

  • Usage:Cheek, jawline

  • Efficacy:Strong lifting effect, improve skin elasticity

  • Number of threads:6-10 threads

  • Last for:1 - 1.5 years



Anchor max is newly developed long lasting barbed thread which is produced by press sculpting method. Its strong bi-directional cogs enhance the lifting power and maximize the lifting effect.

  • Suitable for:Thick skin and severe sagging

  • Usage:Jawline, double chin

  • Efficacy:Very strong lifting effect, improve skin elasticity

  • Number of threads:4-6 threads

  • Last for:1 - 2 years

Anchor max

Barbs with stronger pull

The PCL Barbed thread uses the 3D embossing technique to mould the fishbone barbs, which is stronger and longer lasting than the traditional feather type barbed thread.



Effect last longer than PDO threads

It takes about 9-12 months for PCL threads to be decomposed by the body, which is more durable than PDO threads which decompose in around 6 months.


Cannula is relatively safer

The PCL barbed thread is injected with cannula to reduce the chance of bruising. The needle holes are close to the hairline, making it easier to go back to normal routine after treatment.

LFL thread theory.jpg


1. How long does LFL PCL BARB II ANCHOR & ANCHOR MAX threads lifting effect last?

There is an immediate effect after LFL threads lifting treatment. The peak result will be 1-2 months after the treatment, depends on individual. LFL PCL threads can last for a year depends on individual.

2. What is the possible adverse effect of LFL thread lifting treatment? 

The possible adverse effects include mild discomfort, bruising and swelling for a few days. Infection is not common.


3. Who is not suitable for having LFL thread lifting treatment?

Pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman, those age under 18 and those who are prone to hypertrophic scarring or who have severe allergic reaction, are not recommended to receive this treatment.

4. What is the precaution after LFL thread lifting treatment?

You should avoid opening the mouth widely within 1 week after the treatment. You should also avoid facial massage and treatment within 1 month after the treatment. Other aesthetic treatments, such as HIFU, high energy based laser, can be continued 3-4 months after treatment.

LFL 2021 1st

*The effect of treatment depends on the individual's physical condition and varies from person to person

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