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New generation Picosceond Laser PICOPLUS


More powerful, Better for the skin!

PICOPLUS (Pico Laser) is better in the three-dimensional form from the deeper layers of the skin to the shallow layer without damaging the epidermis. PICOPLUS also has a very short pulse output of 450 picoseconds, which greatly enhances the decomposition of pigments.

Up to four wavelengths of 1064, 660, 595, and 532 nm made it easier for treating Asians' skin problems. The output range is wider than other picosecond lasers, and the energy regulation is more detailed and accurate.

PICOPLUS - Multiple modes for different needs

✅Laser Facial:Yellow tone skin/imbalance pigment/pigment spots/hormone spots

✅Skin Rejuvenation:- Wrinkle, Acne scars, and Pores

✅Golden Laser Facial for redness issues such as: - Post-acne Erythema - Inflammatory Acne - Telangiectasia - Facial Flushing - Rosacea

✅Pigmentary issues such as :

- Melasma


- Nevus of Ota


- Lentigo

- Freckles

- Seborrheic Keratosis

- Cafe-au-lait

✅Tattoo Removal:Tattoo (multi-colored & black)

Reduced side effects

Picosecond laser mainly uses the "Photo-Acoustic Effect" to break the pigment, which greatly reduces the stimulus and damage caused by the heat generated by the laser than the "Photo-Thermolysis" of the nanosecond laser, reducing the recovery time, while reducing the side effects of traditional nanosecond lasers such as allergies, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.

*The effect of treatment depends on the individual's physical condition and varies from person to person

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