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🌈Rainbow Rejuvenation Trio🎻Whiten, Nourish & Repair

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Stepping into Summer, high UV exposure causes lost of moisture and pigment accumulation in the skin.

Medic Glow now offers you  ^$800 only 🤩 to enjoy 3 beauty procedures with different effects at the same time‼️ (Total value $1800)

Make the skin shine✨ and moist💦

1️⃣ PTP Laser 💥 QS 1064nm laser technology can penetrate into deeper layer of the skin and tackle the pigmentation 🌝. The enhanced SP mode heats the dermis, promotes collagen reorganization and renewal, and achieves a pore-refining effect. After the treatment, there is no recovery time required, and you can resume daily activities immediately 👗!

2️⃣🎖Korean D-Cool introduces the premium serum through the cooling mode, and cooperates with the voltage pulse to open multiple temporary channels in the skin cell membrane to allow serum to be completely absorbed.

3️⃣🌈 Rainbow Colour light (exclusive calcium supplement mode) to meet different needs of skin.


*Treatment will be provided by therapist
*Applicable for first trial of new and existing customers
^ In case of any dispute, Medic Glow reserves the right for final decision

*The effect of treatment depends on the individual's physical condition and varies from person to person

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