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Ultra360 EXILIS・Eye Brightening

Collagen Regeneration・Face Contour V Lifting

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Ultra360 EXILIS, the new anti-ageing technology integrating medicine and aesthetics, provides you a 360-degree tightening effect. It is the world's only FDA-certified ultrasonic x monopolar radio frequency (RF).

Fight against external factors: ultraviolet light, dry climate, air pollution, temperature changes, and urban citizen habits, including smoking, improper diet, and stress. Also congenital causes, geographical environment, and genetic effects on the skin.


Is Skin Aging inevitable?

From the age of 20, collagen is lost by 1% every year. The loss of collagen reduces support under the skin, and skin problems gradually emerge. Reduced skin thickness makes it more difficult to resist external factors and accelerate skin aging.

From the age of 30, pores are enlarged and fine lines are increased.


From the age of 40, wrinkles appear and the face contour sags.


Collagen Status

20 years old   Healthy and Compact

30 years old   Gradual aging   Collagen loss -10%   Skin thickness -7%

40 years old   Obvious aging   Collagen loss -20%   Skin thickness -14%


Compare with the previous generation EXILIS ELITE

NEW! New Probe

〉More flexible for face and eye problems 


UP! Machine design^

〉Energy penetrates under skin substantially + 30%

〉Instant effects, more beautiful and long-lasting



3 Advantages



Real-time automatic monitoring output, truly non-invasive, no recovery period



Comfortable heat like a hot spring, no need for anesthesia or ice


Instant effects, which can last for one year. Best results 3 months after treatment. Restores natural firmness and regains youthful contours



Principles of the technology

1. Monopolar RF and Ultrasonic Hybrid Output

2. With regular ultrasonic vibration 〉Instantly expand the channels between skin cells

3. 3D loopback penetration through ultrasound 〉Extensive delivery of RF energy to the bottom of the collagen layer


3 Main Effects

1. 360 all rounded activation of production of collagen and elastin

2. Wrinkle removal, eye brightening

3. Face "V" Lifting


Firmly lift 4 areas

Firm and brighten eyes

〉Enhance eye contour and reduce periorbital lines

〉Improve dark circles and periorbital puffiness


Face Contour "V" Lifting

〉Reduce smile lines

〉Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines


Lift Chin Contour

〉Improve double chin


Reduce Neck Lines

〉Lifts and tightens neck skin


Ultra360 EXILIS TECHNOLOGY FACE after Treatment^

93% agree that the face has improved significantly

Collagen +51%

Restore youthful firmness

Collagen rebound

Improve skin condition

After treatment^

Firmness +35%

Skin density +19%

Wrinkles and fine lines -33%

Light damage -42%


Research proven after Ultra 36O EXILIS TECHNOLOGY treatment

Skin test: collagen, elastin+++

Aging skin lacks collagen and elastin, leading to a lack of support at the bottom of the skin, exacerbating the loss of water and nutrients, and aging problems such as dehydration, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and sagging.  


After Treatment

Thickened epidermis

Increased collagen

Skin section test found that after the course of treatment ...



Significantly thickens, doubles skin moisture lock, improves defense, and resists external aggression



Collagen and elastin rebound and regenerate, rebuild hypodermis support, and tighten loose contours


Best result usually aciheved within 3 months after treatment.

After 3 months:Thickened epidermis, activated collagen production, rebuild 5mm depth dermis, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, V Line lifting, chin to neck, to achieve firming effect.

*The effect of treatment depends on the individual's physical condition and varies from person to person

^Above information provided by manufacturer

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