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REVIVOGEN® Bio-Cleansing Shampoo

Main ingredients:

Azelaic Acid

Vitamin B6

Zinc Sulfate


12fl oz/360ml

Preventive treatment: Remove excess oil from the scalp and improve the effectiveness of other coordinating hair loss treatments. Can help reduce DHT levels on the scalp surface.


How to use: Take an appropriate amount of Revivogen Bio-cleansing shampoo and apply it to wet hair. Press gently with your fingertips until foam appears. After three minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

REVIVOGEN® Thickening Conditioner

Main Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto Extract

Procyanidin Oligomers


12fl oz/360ml

Hair root repair treatment: Repair damaged hair and increase hair gloss, moisturise and strengthen hair roots

How to use: After washing the shampoo, apply an appropriate amount of Revivogen Thickening Conditioner to the hair, then gently massage with your fingertips for 2 to 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water for about half a minute until all the conditioner is washed away.

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