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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Q: Is anesthesia inclusive?

A: Anesthesia cream (20-30min) or local anesthesia (for thread lifting treatments) is inclusive.

Q: Can I do laser / HIFU treatment after injection?

A: Can arrange the treatment on the same day before injection or after two weeks.

Q: Can I receive treatment if I am preparing to get pregnant?

A: It is not recommended to receive botulinum toxin treatment if you are preparing to get pregnant. For other treatments, detailed consultation and evaluation are required.

Q: Any extra fees on top of the treatment fee?

A: If you decide to use cannula for the treatment, additional fee is required.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Common side effects such as bruising, edema, redness and soreness, etc.

Precautions after laser treatments:

  1. There may be slight redness and swelling in the laser treatment area. Within two weeks after treatment, mild cleansing products may be used, and use skin care products without irritating ingredients. Avoid activities or treatments that may cause infections or irritate the skin (e.g. scrub, whitening, wrinkle removal, etc.) Before going out during the day, you must put on sunscreen with SPF30 or above, and wear a hat to block the sunlight

  2. With wavelengths 532nm, 660nm (with scab) and CO2 laser treatments for spots and moles, the wound will scab 5-7 days after treatment. After scabbing, it will turn to light brown and dark brown in about 21 days, that is normal post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation, does not mean that the treatment is not effective. As long as you pay attention to the maintenance after treatment, more than 90% of people's post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation situation will gradually fade in 1-2 months, and it will return to normal skin tone in about 3-6 months.

  3. During scabbing, avoid breaking and rubbing the area, keep the scabbing area intact and keep moisturising, and apply ointment as instructed.

Precautions after all injection treatments:

  1. Avoid alcohol, makeup, and strenuous exercise within 24 hours after injection.

  2. If necessary, apply light makeup / avoid injection site at least 24 hours after injection.

  3. Within two weeks after injection, invasive treatments and life beauty treatments are not recommended, and prolonged sun exposure, exposure to ultraviolet light, low temperature and extreme heat treatments (such as sauna or hot spring) should also be avoided

  4. Edema most obvious in the first two to five days, mild bruising goes away in about five to seven days, and big bruising goes away in about one to two weeks.

  5. If soreness occurs, it should be temporary. Painkillers can be take when necessary.

After the thread lifting treatments: Apply ice more frequently for the first 3-5 days, avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks, avoid excessive movement of the face, neck, avoid massage, dental surgery and excessive exposure to the sun.

After treatment of Botulinum Toxin Type A: Avoid face massage, sleeping or strenuous exercise within 4 hours after treatment. Also keep upright to avoid drug diffusion that may cause side effects.


Q: How many units to inject?

A: Face Slimming Botox 50u  /Dysport 150u, Wrinkles Botox 8u up/ Dysport 25u up

Q: When is it effective?

A: For Wrinkles: 3-5 days ,for face/ leg slimming 3-4 weeks

Q: Is Botox or Dysport better?

A: Both effective for 4-6months, while average onset of action of Dysport is faster.

Q: What is Dysport®?

A: Dysport® is a natural, purified protein. It is a purified protein extracted from bacterial secretions through cutting edge technology. Its main ingredient is highly purified [botulinum toxin type A], a blocker for nerve conduction that treats overactive muscles and relaxes the muscles causing wrinkles

Q: Where is Dysport® manufactured?

A: Dysport® is manufactured in hi-tech pharmaceutical plants in the UK. It is widely used in Europe and Korea, and has been approved by the US FDA for aesthetic use.


Q: How many types of botulinum toxin Type A are registered in the Hong Kong Department of Health?

A: Including DYSPORT® from the UK, Botox® from the United States, SIAX® from South Korea, and BTXA® from China. Medic Glow only provide DYSPORT® and BOTOX® treatments.

Q: What is Dermalifting?

A: DYSPORT® from the UK, is commonly used in diluted dosage (Dermalifting), a Korean intensive injection method, to penetrate DYSPORT® across the entire face area, instantly and effectively improve the contours of the face, making the skin smoother.

Q: Who is suitable for using botulinum toxin Type A?

A: Deep wrinkles on the face not only affect appearances, but also affect self-esteem, and even the choice of work. DYSPORT® can help you restore youth and confidence. Both men and women would experience wrinkles, so men and women are all suitable for the treatment.

Q: Is there any side effect of botulinum toxin?

A: The most common side effect after using botulinum toxin treatment is temporary soreness or minor abrasions around the site, but it does not happen very often, and the pain will be gone within few days. Some people may experience a mild headache that lasts for several hours after treatment with botulinum toxin, and can be treated by taking mild painkillers.

Botulinum toxin treatment is not suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding.

Q: Will Botulinum Toxin cause stiffness in facial expression?

A: Wrinkles on the face are caused by facial expressions and excessive muscle activity. Botulinum toxin relaxes over-contracted small muscles, eliminates wrinkles, and restores smooth facial skin. Botulinum toxin will only work on the treatment site, and other muscles, such as the eyebrow lifter, are not affected, so it does not affect natural expression and cause facial stiffness, which means it only acts on the treatment site that you want.



Hyaluronic acid

Q: How long does the effect last for?

A: Regular sized particles generally 6 months, medium particles to large particles range from 9-12 months.

Q: What brands are available?

A: There are Restylane® from Sweden, Teosyal® from Switzerland, Juvederm® from the United States, and Cleviel® from South Korea, etc.

Q: How many types of particle sizes does Restylane® have?

A: There are mid-size particles Perlane® suitable for nasal bridge, nose tip, chin, etc., regular Restylane® particles for lips, cheeks, etc, and small particles Restylane® Vital Skinboosters for forehead and tear trough, and Restylane Skinboosters Vital Light® (2ml) for moisturising.

Q: How many particle sizes does Teosyal® have?

A: There are Redensity [II] for dark circles under the eyes , Redensity [I] for shiny skin, whitening and moisturizing.

Q: If I want to use 1ml for nose and chin, is there any extra charge?

A: No

Q: If I cannot finish using 1ml (1 syringe) in one time, can I keep that for later use? Any extra charge?

A: No extra charge, and it can be kept up to a week

Q: Will the effect be gone in 2-3 month?

A: There will be edema immediately after the application (because hyaluronic acid attracts water), it will be less than 20% (minus the edema, water absorption) after one to two weeks after the application, and then the real effect will be achieved.

Q: What to note after injection?

A: Avoid makeup especially near injection site, drinking, and exercise for 24 hours; avoid using paper mask / irritating skin care products for three to five days, and avoid thermal activities such as Facial / sauna / sun exposure / high-temperature yoga for two weeks. Also do not squeeze the treatment area vigorously, and it is recommended to use cosmetics product after one day.


Q: Do I need to stay home after injection?

A: The repair period of hyaluronic acid is extremely short. After the treatment, daily life is not affected, and daily activities can be resumed immediately.




Restylane Vital Light

Q: How long can the effect stay?

A: Half year after 3 treatments (once every month).

Q: How long can one treatment keep?

A: Depends on different person.


Q: What are the ingredients?

A: Hyaluronic acid developed by NASHA technology which does not contain animal elements and can be decomposed by the human body.

Q: How many syringes are suggested?

A: Suggested by the pharmaceutical factory to have at least 3 syringes.

Q: How many syringes to see effects?

A: Generally, the improvement is obvious with three times, and usually the improvement can be felt in the first and second time already (Like makeup smoother, less skin peeling)

Q: Is body whitening only for the face?

A: Not only for the face, it can be used on neck, hands, chest, lips, eyelids, acne scars and knees, etc ...

Q: Can I apply makeup on the same day?

A: Not recommended, to avoid infection of injection sites.

Q: Can I receive the treatment if I have skin allergy?

A: According to the condition of the day of treatment, it is best to wait for the skin to return to normal from large-scale or acute allergies.

Q: Can I receive the treatment if I have acne?

A: According to the situation and affected area. If you are prescribed and on medication of isotretinoin, it is not recommended.



Teosyal® Redensity II

Q: Is it used for injecting to the under eye area directly?

A: Cannula is used for tear trough area, flatten the depression, and improve dark circles caused by depression and fat loss around the eye.


Q: How many injection points are needed?

A: One to several points on each side, usually 1ML (1 syringe) can be used for both sides.

Q: How long does the effect stay? 

A: Around 6 months.

Q: Can the effect be seen immediately?

A: Yes, but there may be edema in first few days, recover in few days to 2 weeks' time.


Q: Is one time treatment enough?

A: Suggested to have treatment every 6-9 months, depending on the loss situation.




Q:  What if 0.8ml is too much?

A: Suitable for nose bridge; cannot be used for nose tip (too hard, not similar texture with nose tip; can be used for chin or apple cheek.




PDO thread 4D Lifting

Q: How long can the effect stay?

A: Can stay up to 1 to 1.5 years with collagen regeneration.


Q: How long will the redness go?

A: Red spot (injection sites) 2-3 days, bruises in 5-7 days, large bruises may last for one to two weeks. Edema may not be happen or may stay for several days to two weeks. After the treatment, there is a chance that some parts will have bruises, and different people will have different situations. Basically, other beauty treatments can be done after two weeks.

Q: Will there be anti-inflammatory drugs / anti-inflammatory creams?

A: Yes, topical anti-inflammatory ointment plus cream for bruising. Before the treatment, we will apply anesthetic cream on the face, and in some cases oral painkillers can be added (mostly not needed)

Q: Will long thread or short thread be used?

A: Depending on treatment area, all long, medium and short will be used.

Q: How many threads are required?

A: Whole face 100-160 threads / Half face 40-60 threads / By part 20-40 threads.

Q: Which part can be used with 30 threads?

A: Can be used for Jawline / double chin / smile lines / apple cheek / marionette line / v lifting (chewing muscle) / eyebrow lift (forehead)



Sculptra (PLLA)

Q: Which part can Sculptra be used for?

A: Temple filling, apple cheek, tear trough, smile folds, cheek, marionette line, chin and back of hands (after dilution)

Q: When will it be effective?

A: After a few days of water absorption, it will return to the state before the treatment. The real effect will not appear until four to six weeks after, and the speed will vary from person to person. Usually, at least three to five treatments to achieve satisfactory results, with four to six weeks apart.



Q: Which parts is this product suitable for? 
A: Glabella, eyelid, lips and also whole face treatment, especially for those who would like to improve their facial feature.

Q: Is 1cc enough for a whole face treatment?
A: The amount required for lifting and filling needs to be estimated by professional case by case. In cases which 1cc is not enough for full face, we suggest to prioritize and allocate to the parts that patient would like to improve most to achieve best results.


Q: What should I do if the expected result is not achieved?
A: Best result is usually seen 3 months after treatment with the activation of collagen growth by fine particles. We highly recommend to wait for around 3 months before deciding whether you should receive further treatments.


Q: What is the difference with general hyaluronic acid products?
A: ELLANSÉ is a 3-in-1 dermal filler, combining the benefits of hyaluronic acid, PLLA and Radiesse:

1. Volume Increase:Instant filling effect(like hyaluronic acid)
2. Collagen Growth:Stimulates collagen growth in one's body(like PLLA)
3. Shaping:Lifting(like Radiesse)

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