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Ultra V Lift Mono (Smooth) Thread Lift

image_src, Ultra V Lift 4D埋線拉提術

Originated from South Korea, Ultra V lift is made with FDA and KFDA-certified PDO (polydioxanone) fine threads for face lift.


When Ultra V Lift PDO Mono threads are injected in the dermis, an invisible frame support is formed, lifting the skin and muscles while stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin in the dermis layer. Resulting in enhanced skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and improves skin texture. It can promote collagen proliferation, angiogenesis, increased blood circulation, promote skin renewal effect, and achieve firming effect and improving skin texture.

Ultra V Lift 4D埋線拉提術

The PDO thread is certified by the US FDA and South Korea KFDA. PDO sutures have a history of 10-20 years as surgical sutures without any long-term side effects.

Fast and easy: no surgery required, no obvious wounds, and short treatment time, only 30 minutes.

Slight pain: Apply anesthesia cream before the treatment, and feel only a slight pain when the thread is injected. Can leave and return to work without affecting daily life after treatment.

Short recovery period: the pinprick will only swell slightly for about 1-2 days, and bruises will resolve in about 3-7 days *.


Long lasting effect: The natural decomposition and absorption time of PDO thread is about 180-240 days *. After the thread is naturally decomposed and absorbed, the effect of collagen induced by its proliferation will last about 1-2 years *.

Ultra V Lift 4D埋線拉提術

How does Mono Thread (Smooth Thread) work?


• Improve metabolism

• Stimulates and proliferates large amounts of collagen

• Activate cell self-repair function

• PDO thread tightly adheres to the subcutaneous tissue to form an invisible frame to support saggy skin

• Reshape V-line and firm face contour

• Reduce double chin

• Raise drooping eyes and mouth corners

• Lift neck contour, smooth fine lines and reduce neck lines


Precautions and treatment response:


1. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, under 18 years old, people who are susceptible to keloid formation and hypertrophic scars, people with skin diseases, severe allergies, or bleeding disorder.


2. During the procedure, anesthesia may be applied to the face. After the anesthesia, a temporary paralysis may occur, which lasts for about one to several hours. If you have an unpleasant reaction to the anesthetic, please inform us before the course of treatment.


3. The dermis is punctured and microvessels maybe be punctured, which may leave pinpricks, bleeding, bruises, allergies, inflammation, crusts or slight scars at the needle application site for a short time.


4. Common reactions after the procedure: Redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising, and tenderness may occur in the area of needle application. Symptoms usually resolve naturally within 1-15 days *.


5. In rare cases, the skin surface may be slightly swollen or with thread exposed. If you find this situation after treatment, please inform us.



Ultra V Lift™ Ez Cannula (Cog Thread)


Frequently Asked Questions

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*The effect of treatment depends on the individual's physical condition and varies from person to person

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