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Bidirectional Cones Thread Lifting - FDA Approved


Silhouette InstaLift™ is a fully resorbable suspension suture with bidirectional cones. Both the sutures and the cones are made of PLGA (LG8218 poly—glycolide/L-lactide). The sutures and the cones resorb overtime and are biocompatible and biodegradable cones.

Aging Skin

Changes in facial vitality and elasticity due to age, coupled with the loss of fat, bones and cartilage, will change the shape and appearance of the face over time.


From 25 to 40 years

The "young triangle" refers to the three characteristics of the young face: high cheekbones, full cheeks, and obvious chin lines.


55 years and over

For mature adults, due to the aging process (collagen loss, fat pad loss or displacement, etc.), the triangles are inverted, resulting in flatter cheeks, more prominent law lines, and loose chin lines.


With the new Silhouette Instalift treatment technology, it is now possible to reshape, increase fullness, and stimulate collagen to restore the "young triangle" without the need for surgery.


Silhouette Instalift is a minimally invasive procedure that gives the shortest periods of inactivity and recovery time. This technique does not leave scars and can be successfully performed on all areas of the face and neck, bringing a more energetic and younger appearance.


Silhouette Instalift improves mid-face, chin line, eyebrow and neck relaxation in about 45 minutes.


By increasing fullness and reshaping the face and neck, this treatment can rejuvenate the face within a few days. Silhouette Instalift represents the leading thread lifting method and extraordinary real technological innovation.


"What are the treatments available for?"

Silhouette Instalift is a solution for long-lasting effects that can be performed in different areas:

-Face contour

-Chin line

-Cheeks and middle face



"How does the treatment work?"

Silhouette Instalift is a new treatment that brings the dual effects of face lift and collagen regeneration. One course of two functions

1. Enhancement brings immediate and unobtrusive results

2. Regeneration Appearance gradually becomes natural.


Silhouette Instalift promotes collagen regeneration.

More than 300,000 treatments have been performed worldwide. Silhouette Instalift is made in the USA.


"What are the advantages of Silhouette Instalift?"

-Instantly visible natural boost effect

-Gradually recover lost collagen

-Fully absorbed ingredients

-Approximately 45 minutes

-No operation required

-Lasting effect over 12 months

-The treatment is best used for the middle face, eyebrows, neck and chin line, can be performed separately or simultaneously.


​《Frequently Asked Questions》

How long does the treatment take?

The procedure is over in 45 minutes and you will be able to get back to your full social life.


How long does the recovery period take?

- After treatment, a slight edema or bruising may occur.

Sometimes, a slight depression or skin irregularity may appear at the insertion points. You can apply cold packs on the day following injection. These typically disappear within 7-10 days after treatment.


How shall I treat my skin following the treatment?

- Avoid dental surgery for 3 weeks. Avoid excessive neck and facial movements for 2 weeks. Do not rub face aggressively, be gentle. Avoid facial aesthetic treatments for 4 weeks.

- Avoid participating in high impact sports for 2 weeks.

- Sleep face-up, elevated on pillows for 3-5 nights.

- Refrain from applying make up for as long as possible. Make up may be gently applied after a minimum of 24 hours.

- Acetaminophen may be taken in case of pain.

- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and UV light for 2 weeks.


Can it be combined with other microinjection or laser treatment?

Yes. The dermal filler can achieve volume filling and improve facial depression. Laser treatment can improve skin texture. Therefore, the combination treatment works better. However, it is not recommended to use it within one month to avoid affecting the reatment effect.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Silhouette Instalift™ is made in the USA and approved by FDA in 2005. More than 300000 treatments have been carried out so far all over the world. There may be short-live down time. The result vary from person to person. There may be swelling, redness and irritation but should be disappeared within 2 weeks. For details, please consult professional for advice.

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*The effect of treatment depends on the individual's physical condition and varies from person to person

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